Thursday, December 11, 2008

PLN16-- coach arrested on marijuana charges

In the article Greeley coach arrested on marijuana charges from the Denver Post can relate to everyone. The article explained how a wrestling coach was arrested with marijuana. He is 51 and is being charged with distribution, and possession. The school claims they had no idea this was going on. Police also found 1,300 live marijuana plants on his property. The article relates to everyone because in the situation of hiring someone, you need to know about them, their background, and many more things. Especially around kids.

PLN15-- Late start days

In the article Friday is first late-start day for DPS By The Denver Post explains what happens on days that Denver public schools have late start days and if they serve breakfast or not. Also when the busses would come. It relates to everyone because I don’t think someone would want to be outside waiting for the bus in freezing cold weather when it actually is coming later. Or if you don’t eat breakfast and expect the school to provide it. It is just informing you what happens on late start days.

PLN--14 killing dog with arrows

In the article Arvada man accused of killing dog with arrows By Howard Pankratz from The Denver Post can relate to everyone.
The article explains how a girl’s boyfriend shot her little terrier with two or three arrows. They found the dog dead in the garage with blood everywhere. And inside the house was ransacked. 20-year-old Zackary Scott Ruszka is being charged for cruelty and is in the Jefferson county jail, and his next court appearance hasn’t been scheduled yet.I think that this article relates to everyone. It is wrong to kill anything, in my opinion. It is never acceptable. He most likely got to the dog through a house code that he knew. Everyone should be careful on who they give their house code to. Even friends you think you can trust. You never know when someone is going to go crazy and do something. House codes should be for just the person who owns and lives in the house.

Monday, December 8, 2008

PLN13-- internet child sex sting

In the article Parker police bust man in Internet child sex sting from The Rocky Mountain News can relate to everybody.
The article talked about how a 47-year-old man from California was trying to have sex with an underage girl from Colorado. The cops caught him before he did anything. The article relates to everybody because we need to all realize how many creeps are out there, and not just trust everyone you meet. That goes for anywhere, whether it’s the Internet, school, or somewhere else. That’s how the article relates to everybody.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PLN12--car crash of 16-year-old

In the article Three sisters in Loveland crash identified from The Denver Post relates to myself. It talked about how a 16-year-old girl crashed into another car with her 10 and 11 year old sisters with her. The 16-year-old suffered with major head trauma and serious concussions. Both her sisters were injured too, but their conditions are unavailable. The man she crashed into was not hurt.
This article relates to myself in the way that you always need to be careful when you are driving with other people in the car whether your with your family or friends. A lot of people think that the crashes of young teens are caused from friends being in the car, but it could be family members too. You always need to be cautious and careful.
That’s how the article relates to myself.

Monday, November 17, 2008

PLN11-- change

For my eleventh PLN I’m just going to talk about the word “change”. Both of our past running candidates talked about change in their speeches. Obama did win in the long run and he seemed to be bigger on the whole “change” idea. You can find this basically anywhere on the web. The things both candidates talked about were big goals they wanted to change. What they both said relates to everybody, it will change American lifestyle and also our relationship with other countries. For me though, I thought both of them skipped a step and moved on to bigger things but forgot the foundation to them. I think that as a leader you need to be a good role model. Both candidates were digging up dirt on each other, and spilling it to the press. To me, that’s not what a leader should do. We, the people of America, look up to them, what if we started digging dirt up on each other? What kind of nation would that make us? Also before big things are changed we need to pull together as a nation. We are so broken and messed up that we need to look at the little things that could make us stronger in the end, and then look at the bigger things. Some things that I think need to be changed are the veterans living on the street, the hungry, and the people who are struggling to make it somewhere in life. How can we live in the richest country in the world but many people can’t afford to feed their families, and many people are sleeping in boxes? How come we send our brothers and sisters away to war, and they come home with a pat on the back then are left and forgotten? These are the things that matter the most to me that I think need to be changed. If this ever does happen I think it will make the world a better place. Other nations look up to our government; if we can set a good example like that they will follow. This is what change means to me; and how it could affect the world.

PLN10-- boys slits girl's throat

In the article Boy slits girl's throat in Montrose High lobby by Kirk Mitchell, from The Denver Post relates to both the world and myself.
The article was about a 14-year-old juvenile boy that walked into Montrose High School and walked up behind a girl and grabbed her and slit her throat. Then he calmly walked out of the building. Sophomore Mallory Haulman was rushed to the hospital and underwent several surgeries and is now recovering. There were many people that saw the scene happen, including her sister.
This article reminds me of how I should never take my life, or anyone’s life for advantage. We only have one and need to take care of others and ourselves around it. You never know when a sibling, or friend could die. Also it could happen in an instant, so cherish every moment you have with the people you love.
It relates to the world in the way that we need to be prepared for the good and the bad. The teachers were ready and took fast action when Mallory was attacked. It happened fast with no warning but they were prepared to take control in the circumstance.That’s how the article relates to the world and myself.

PLN9-- smoking

In the article Colorado Springs fire fatality identified by the associative press can relate to both the world and myself.
The article explained how 71-year-old Brigitte Finley had died in a townhouse fire on November 4th. Brigitte was smoking while on Oxygen. The oxygen tank blew up and killed her. Her and her husband John Dunn were guests at the townhome. Mary Taggs owned the place and met them when they were homeless. Mary had taken John to the doctors the time of the explosion.
This article relates to myself in the way that Brigitte was probably addicted to cigarettes. I think this because if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have been smoking while she was on oxygen. This to me shows how much I shouldn’t even try smoking because you get so addicted to it and it’s almost impossible to stop, and to most people it is impossible to stop.
This relates to the world because I think they should put more things out there for people to understand how bad smoking is for you. I also think that they should make it so much harder for people to even buy cigarettes, and that the age to buy them should be 25. In teen choices we were talking about smoking and watched a video that said if your 25 by the time you first try a cigarette your more likely not to get addicted unlike how you would when you are younger.
That’s how the article relates to both the world and myself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PLN8- car crash on halloween

In the article Man could face charges in fatal Halloween crash By Julie Poppen, from the Rocky Mountain News can relate to both the world and myself.
On Halloween night there were a few kids walking home from a church service to a prayer service at another boy’s house, Dallas Burton included (13). They were sitting in the back of a Mazda, when all of a sudden a black Ford Bronco driven by Donald K. Edwards crashed into the Mazda. Dallas was hospitalized on Friday night and died Monday night due to serious head injuries. Police caught Donald when they saw the indent on his car where it crashed into the Mazda. They took him in when he didn’t pass the sobriety test. The other three boys were injured but not severely. All four of them were wearing seat belts.
I can relate this to myself because I sometimes think everything will be okay with just a seatbelt on and you are protected. The majority of the chances are that you will be okay, but there is always that chance you won’t be.
I was reading through the comments that people left and one of them was from one of his friends. That just goes to show it doesn’t just hurt the person that died… it’s like a domino reaction, it hurts and crushes many people. If all the people that drink could get that through their heads our world would be so much better off! They don’t understand until it happens. I never even want to try alcohol because you can easily loose control and it could ruin your life or someone else’s.That’s how this article related to both the world and myself. There is always that chance that things won’t work out and go terribly wrong.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

PLN7-- Aurora murder fugitive captured

In the article Aurora murder fugitive captured in Kansas, found in the Denver Post by Kirk Mitchell connects to both the world and myself.
The article was about Tommy "TJ" Lee Halfacre was arrested for first-degree murder. On July 7, 2004 he wanted to “jack” Orellana but when he said he didn’t have any money he shot him in the head. Brandon Evans was with him and turned himself in the next day. He’s serving 45 years in jail. When Tommy was captured he was listed in Colorado’s top 20 fugitives. People claimed that he was living with his mother, Marilyn Halfacre but the authorities didn’t know where. On Friday night they found out where she lived. They would have captured him then but they were afraid it would cause danger for the Trick-or-Treater’s. So they got him Saturday morning. He was featured in America’s most wanted Saturday.
This relates to myself in the way that you cannot always trust whose house your Trick-or-Treating at. The kids that went to his mother’s house most likely didn’t know her son was a killer. Anybody out there could be bad, so you just need to be careful.
This article connects to the world in the way that we need to know who’s being wanted and who has been captured. America’s most wanted warns you about the people that you need to watch out for, where they might be, and what threats they could cause to you. It’s always good to be prepared and ready for whatever person you might meet.
Those were the connections that I made to the world and myself from the article Aurora murder fugitive captured in Kansas by Kirk Mitchell.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PLN6-- denver mom shot at red light

There are connections I made in the article Denver mom shot at red light fears gunman will ‘strike again’ by Alan Gathright from the Rocky Mountain news.
The article was about a mom on Sunday night that was driving to Wal-Mart to get her sick kid some medicine. It was 11 at night and there was a SUV that was following her. She came to a red light and he was following close behind. She was thinking of speeding through it but once she looked back into her rear view mirror he was standing right behind her. The mom recalls him firing two shots; one breaking through the window and the other is still lodged into her soldier. As soon as he shot she speed through the red light. When she got to Wal-Mart she ran into the front door and collapsed recalled the employees. The mother is at home with stitches in her arm with the bullet still in it, and is afraid that the killer will try to strike again because he made no hesitation the first time and he knew what he was doing.
A connection that I made with myself was that if something doesn’t seem right or you think someone is following you get out of that situation. Weather it is running a red light, or just calling 911 you need to do something about it. It relates to me when we went out tping and were caught. While we were walking to the house that we were going to TP there was a guy that was following us for about 10 minutes. We weren’t going to turn around and walk towards him, but a couple of us tried to lower our voices and talk like guys, that way he was less likely, if he was at all, to do anything to us.
A connection I made with the world was if you have a connection with someone that has done something wrong or you know of something they will do wrong, you need to report them. You could save someone’s life in the long run. If someone does come up with some information about the guy that shot the mom, they could prevent a possible death if that man was to strike again.
Those were my connections I made to the world and myself from the article Denver mom shot at red light fears gunman will ‘strike again’.

Monday, October 27, 2008

PLN5- 11-year-old recognized for heroics

In the article, Denver boy, 11, recognized for heroics by Kieran Nicholson from the Denver post explains how an 11-year-old boy (Roman) saved a 12-year-old from drowning; this article connects to both the world and myself.
Roman was in an apartment-complex pool and was playing and saw two other boys in the 3-foot shallow end. Soon one of them was in the deep end gasping for air. When Roman jumped in to get him he pulled him out and the boy’s eyes were shut. An adult helped him get the 12-year-old out of the pool and revive him. Roman is being recognized for being quick on his feet, and for saving the boys life.
This article connects to myself because you should always be good at swimming and know that you can swim well before you go into the deep end. When I was little and couldn’t swim well I went into the deep end and was having a hard time breathing. Luckily there was a water weenie (noodle) near by.
The article connects to the world on how everyone needs to be ready to jump into action and be quick on his or her feet. If the world weren’t quick on its feet there would be chaos and disaster everywhere.That’s how the article Denver boy, 11, recognized for heroics relates to both myself and the world.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In the article found in Rocky Mountain News, Kids played while mom slept by Tillie Fong relates to both the world and myself.
The article was about a mom, Stacey Mendieta that fell asleep while her kids were playing. They went outside and started playing in the car that she didn’t lock when she got home. Eventually she woke up at 3:00 pm and couldn’t find her kids. Stacey looked all over the house and 10 minutes later called the police. When they got to her house they looked through it and couldn’t find anything. Then when one policeman came outside to give her a report he saw a knee or leg through the car window. Both kids Jasmine (5) and Nathan (2) were found dead of Hypothermia. Jasmine was found with her teddy bear in her arms when the car door was opened. When the man opened the door a blast of hot air came out. The temperature of the car was 108 degrees. A witness, John Ferguson, said he saw the kids playing in the car when he was working on a house across the street while taking a cigarette break. He also saw them when he was leaving. This Friday, October 24th, Stacey is being tried with two counts of child abuse resulting in death.
This article connects to me in the way that if you see something that is weird or out of place, like 2 little kids playing in the car with no parent in sight… you should probably do something. John could have saved both kids’ lives if he reported it, went to check on the kids, or rang the house door bell to make sure a parent is aware of the situation. It’s called using your head.
The article relates to the world in the same sense, if you don’t see something that’s right look into it. If everyone did that the world would be so much better off. Take America’s gas prices for example. Our government is stupid enough to not let America use our own recourses, and is buying our gas from Iraq! Which that money most likely goes to their military, used to fight us in the war. Seriously, they need to start using their heads.That is how the article Kids played while mom slept relates to both the world and myself.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I read Ft. Carson GI arrested in Internet date's slaying by Kirk Mitchell from the Denver Post. This article was explaining the murder and sexual assault of 19-year-old Judilianna Lawrence. Robert Hull Marko (21) was arrested for investigation. Judilianna was found dead in the forest. She was reported missing when she didn’t show up on Friday for a high school bowling class. Her mom and sister searched her MySpace and found out that she was talking to Robert. Robert said that they got in a fight and left her in the mountains. This article was saying that you need to be careful of who you talk to online, and what information you put out there for strangers. That’s what mattered in Ft. Carson GI arrested in Internet date’s slaying by Kirk Mitchell.

Did You Know?

In Karl Fisch’s Did you know, the important points shown was how technology is changing our society, and how much we use it.
Technology has changed our society greatly. We use it for almost everything that we do. We have been connected to the rest of the world through different sites like MySpace, Facebook, chat rooms, Google, and many more. This video was made a few years ago so all the information is not quite up to date. But as of then, 1 out of 8 couples met online. And in one month there were 2.7billion searches on Google. We have more access to all kind of information that is easy to find, although it may not be accurate. We use technology every day. We wake up to it, connect to each other through it, and organize with it. We would not be the same without it and our economy would collapse without it. Those were the points that Karl Fisch was trying to get across in his video Did You Know.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines Are Using Us

What mattered in The Machines Are Using Us, by Michael Wesch was to show people what computers are doing to us, both good and bad, also how we depend on them in our everyday lives.
First off the good things machines do for us is that it gives us a faster connection to people and information. For example e-mail, MySpace, facebook, blogger, online dictionary’s and articles. The bad thing about machines is that the information that is put on by other people is not always correct so you could be given false information. Also computers are an organization tool for us. When we type it is aligned the way we want it to be, they store a lot of information; music, pictures, documents, etc. That is what Michael Wesch wanted to get across in The Machines Are Using Us.