Thursday, December 11, 2008

PLN16-- coach arrested on marijuana charges

In the article Greeley coach arrested on marijuana charges from the Denver Post can relate to everyone. The article explained how a wrestling coach was arrested with marijuana. He is 51 and is being charged with distribution, and possession. The school claims they had no idea this was going on. Police also found 1,300 live marijuana plants on his property. The article relates to everyone because in the situation of hiring someone, you need to know about them, their background, and many more things. Especially around kids.

PLN15-- Late start days

In the article Friday is first late-start day for DPS By The Denver Post explains what happens on days that Denver public schools have late start days and if they serve breakfast or not. Also when the busses would come. It relates to everyone because I don’t think someone would want to be outside waiting for the bus in freezing cold weather when it actually is coming later. Or if you don’t eat breakfast and expect the school to provide it. It is just informing you what happens on late start days.

PLN--14 killing dog with arrows

In the article Arvada man accused of killing dog with arrows By Howard Pankratz from The Denver Post can relate to everyone.
The article explains how a girl’s boyfriend shot her little terrier with two or three arrows. They found the dog dead in the garage with blood everywhere. And inside the house was ransacked. 20-year-old Zackary Scott Ruszka is being charged for cruelty and is in the Jefferson county jail, and his next court appearance hasn’t been scheduled yet.I think that this article relates to everyone. It is wrong to kill anything, in my opinion. It is never acceptable. He most likely got to the dog through a house code that he knew. Everyone should be careful on who they give their house code to. Even friends you think you can trust. You never know when someone is going to go crazy and do something. House codes should be for just the person who owns and lives in the house.

Monday, December 8, 2008

PLN13-- internet child sex sting

In the article Parker police bust man in Internet child sex sting from The Rocky Mountain News can relate to everybody.
The article talked about how a 47-year-old man from California was trying to have sex with an underage girl from Colorado. The cops caught him before he did anything. The article relates to everybody because we need to all realize how many creeps are out there, and not just trust everyone you meet. That goes for anywhere, whether it’s the Internet, school, or somewhere else. That’s how the article relates to everybody.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PLN12--car crash of 16-year-old

In the article Three sisters in Loveland crash identified from The Denver Post relates to myself. It talked about how a 16-year-old girl crashed into another car with her 10 and 11 year old sisters with her. The 16-year-old suffered with major head trauma and serious concussions. Both her sisters were injured too, but their conditions are unavailable. The man she crashed into was not hurt.
This article relates to myself in the way that you always need to be careful when you are driving with other people in the car whether your with your family or friends. A lot of people think that the crashes of young teens are caused from friends being in the car, but it could be family members too. You always need to be cautious and careful.
That’s how the article relates to myself.