Monday, November 17, 2008

PLN9-- smoking

In the article Colorado Springs fire fatality identified by the associative press can relate to both the world and myself.
The article explained how 71-year-old Brigitte Finley had died in a townhouse fire on November 4th. Brigitte was smoking while on Oxygen. The oxygen tank blew up and killed her. Her and her husband John Dunn were guests at the townhome. Mary Taggs owned the place and met them when they were homeless. Mary had taken John to the doctors the time of the explosion.
This article relates to myself in the way that Brigitte was probably addicted to cigarettes. I think this because if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have been smoking while she was on oxygen. This to me shows how much I shouldn’t even try smoking because you get so addicted to it and it’s almost impossible to stop, and to most people it is impossible to stop.
This relates to the world because I think they should put more things out there for people to understand how bad smoking is for you. I also think that they should make it so much harder for people to even buy cigarettes, and that the age to buy them should be 25. In teen choices we were talking about smoking and watched a video that said if your 25 by the time you first try a cigarette your more likely not to get addicted unlike how you would when you are younger.
That’s how the article relates to both the world and myself.

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