Sunday, November 2, 2008

PLN7-- Aurora murder fugitive captured

In the article Aurora murder fugitive captured in Kansas, found in the Denver Post by Kirk Mitchell connects to both the world and myself.
The article was about Tommy "TJ" Lee Halfacre was arrested for first-degree murder. On July 7, 2004 he wanted to “jack” Orellana but when he said he didn’t have any money he shot him in the head. Brandon Evans was with him and turned himself in the next day. He’s serving 45 years in jail. When Tommy was captured he was listed in Colorado’s top 20 fugitives. People claimed that he was living with his mother, Marilyn Halfacre but the authorities didn’t know where. On Friday night they found out where she lived. They would have captured him then but they were afraid it would cause danger for the Trick-or-Treater’s. So they got him Saturday morning. He was featured in America’s most wanted Saturday.
This relates to myself in the way that you cannot always trust whose house your Trick-or-Treating at. The kids that went to his mother’s house most likely didn’t know her son was a killer. Anybody out there could be bad, so you just need to be careful.
This article connects to the world in the way that we need to know who’s being wanted and who has been captured. America’s most wanted warns you about the people that you need to watch out for, where they might be, and what threats they could cause to you. It’s always good to be prepared and ready for whatever person you might meet.
Those were the connections that I made to the world and myself from the article Aurora murder fugitive captured in Kansas by Kirk Mitchell.

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