Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PLN6-- denver mom shot at red light

There are connections I made in the article Denver mom shot at red light fears gunman will ‘strike again’ by Alan Gathright from the Rocky Mountain news.
The article was about a mom on Sunday night that was driving to Wal-Mart to get her sick kid some medicine. It was 11 at night and there was a SUV that was following her. She came to a red light and he was following close behind. She was thinking of speeding through it but once she looked back into her rear view mirror he was standing right behind her. The mom recalls him firing two shots; one breaking through the window and the other is still lodged into her soldier. As soon as he shot she speed through the red light. When she got to Wal-Mart she ran into the front door and collapsed recalled the employees. The mother is at home with stitches in her arm with the bullet still in it, and is afraid that the killer will try to strike again because he made no hesitation the first time and he knew what he was doing.
A connection that I made with myself was that if something doesn’t seem right or you think someone is following you get out of that situation. Weather it is running a red light, or just calling 911 you need to do something about it. It relates to me when we went out tping and were caught. While we were walking to the house that we were going to TP there was a guy that was following us for about 10 minutes. We weren’t going to turn around and walk towards him, but a couple of us tried to lower our voices and talk like guys, that way he was less likely, if he was at all, to do anything to us.
A connection I made with the world was if you have a connection with someone that has done something wrong or you know of something they will do wrong, you need to report them. You could save someone’s life in the long run. If someone does come up with some information about the guy that shot the mom, they could prevent a possible death if that man was to strike again.
Those were my connections I made to the world and myself from the article Denver mom shot at red light fears gunman will ‘strike again’.

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