Monday, September 29, 2008

Machines Are Using Us

What mattered in The Machines Are Using Us, by Michael Wesch was to show people what computers are doing to us, both good and bad, also how we depend on them in our everyday lives.
First off the good things machines do for us is that it gives us a faster connection to people and information. For example e-mail, MySpace, facebook, blogger, online dictionary’s and articles. The bad thing about machines is that the information that is put on by other people is not always correct so you could be given false information. Also computers are an organization tool for us. When we type it is aligned the way we want it to be, they store a lot of information; music, pictures, documents, etc. That is what Michael Wesch wanted to get across in The Machines Are Using Us.


annes said...

Good work Brianna with your topic sentence and examples. Make sure every sentence is a complete sentence. Excellent job overall.

annes said...

Sorry for spelling your name wrong- BREANNA :)