Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PLN8- car crash on halloween

In the article Man could face charges in fatal Halloween crash By Julie Poppen, from the Rocky Mountain News can relate to both the world and myself.
On Halloween night there were a few kids walking home from a church service to a prayer service at another boy’s house, Dallas Burton included (13). They were sitting in the back of a Mazda, when all of a sudden a black Ford Bronco driven by Donald K. Edwards crashed into the Mazda. Dallas was hospitalized on Friday night and died Monday night due to serious head injuries. Police caught Donald when they saw the indent on his car where it crashed into the Mazda. They took him in when he didn’t pass the sobriety test. The other three boys were injured but not severely. All four of them were wearing seat belts.
I can relate this to myself because I sometimes think everything will be okay with just a seatbelt on and you are protected. The majority of the chances are that you will be okay, but there is always that chance you won’t be.
I was reading through the comments that people left and one of them was from one of his friends. That just goes to show it doesn’t just hurt the person that died… it’s like a domino reaction, it hurts and crushes many people. If all the people that drink could get that through their heads our world would be so much better off! They don’t understand until it happens. I never even want to try alcohol because you can easily loose control and it could ruin your life or someone else’s.That’s how this article related to both the world and myself. There is always that chance that things won’t work out and go terribly wrong.

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