Monday, October 27, 2008

PLN5- 11-year-old recognized for heroics

In the article, Denver boy, 11, recognized for heroics by Kieran Nicholson from the Denver post explains how an 11-year-old boy (Roman) saved a 12-year-old from drowning; this article connects to both the world and myself.
Roman was in an apartment-complex pool and was playing and saw two other boys in the 3-foot shallow end. Soon one of them was in the deep end gasping for air. When Roman jumped in to get him he pulled him out and the boy’s eyes were shut. An adult helped him get the 12-year-old out of the pool and revive him. Roman is being recognized for being quick on his feet, and for saving the boys life.
This article connects to myself because you should always be good at swimming and know that you can swim well before you go into the deep end. When I was little and couldn’t swim well I went into the deep end and was having a hard time breathing. Luckily there was a water weenie (noodle) near by.
The article connects to the world on how everyone needs to be ready to jump into action and be quick on his or her feet. If the world weren’t quick on its feet there would be chaos and disaster everywhere.That’s how the article Denver boy, 11, recognized for heroics relates to both myself and the world.

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