Wednesday, January 7, 2009

top 3 most important:)

There are a lot of things that are important to me. The 3 most important give me a way to escape from mostly everything. 
The first items that are most important to me are my guitars. They are both Yamaha's. The first one i got was an acoustic that is a maple color. The second one i just got and it is all wood with a cream color on top and a dark brown on the back. I love playing them and could do that for hours on end. Actually... I already do that:)
The second item is my song&&poem book. It's about as big as a half a piece of normal paper. I have around 20-30 songs and poems I wrote in it. Only one person has seen it before but nobody has read from it. It plays a major world in my life because it's like my secret world that I can call my own.
My 3rd items are all over my walls:) My drawings. I love to draw. It gives me motivation in myself to see what I've done. I have all sorts of different things I have drawn. My favorite one on my wall is a picture that my friend, Kim, and I colored together. Kim is basically my motivation for life. I love her to death. And even thought it's just a picture we colored together it keeps me going through the good and bad times.
Those are the 3 most important things to me:)

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